What is Madland?

Madland - or Food Land - is a food political rebooting festival where farmers, fishermen, manufacturers, chefs, media, foodies and citizens, who are all vested in using the reopening to rethink food systems in Denmark, gather round the same table. Madland embraces all the pioneers out there who both develop and nurture Denmark as a food nation. And at Madland, the festival programme is all about giving these food people the space and opportunity to share their ideas, concepts, industries and activities. In doing so we wish to engage you as well as ourselves in taking an important, active part in a sustainable food system.

The festival is the first initiative created by the new political food media, networking platform Madland - a platform where the Danes can gain knowledge about and discuss the vast and often confusing system that provides us with the produce and products we eat every day. Besides that, Madland is connecting different food professionals in order to create and nurture the growth of new kinds of encounters, collaborations, and shared values. Madland is founded in 2020 by PR and communications specialists from Koalition and it will be launched as an active media, networking and and knowledge sharing platform in 2021.

Time and Place

August 26 to September 25 2020.

Madland Festival took place place over the course of a month at both our headquarter at CPH Food Space in the old Meatpacking District and throughout the entire city of Copenhagen and the surrounding catchment areas unfolding a variety of events and activities.

The 6 Tracks

Madland consists of 6 different tracks that categorises all events and activities:

  • Mad:samtalen/Food:talks: consists of talks, podcasts, and other kinds of foods for thought and discussion that aim at rethinking Denmark as a food country. We take up crucial topics such as social gastronomy, entrepreneurship, agriculture and farming, circular economy, public meals, food system activists, the next generation of foodies and more.
  • Mad:skolen/Food:schools: the goal is to educate and create an interest in great produce and cooking through workshops, cooking schools, tastings and formative activities - digitally as well as in real life.
  • Mad:byen/Food:cities: Takes place at the eateries, bars and restaurants and great food joints of Copenhagen. It is a collection of events, articles, reports, and films that deal with the urban lifestyle of wining and dining.
  • Mad:hjemmet/Food:homes: is all about activities, films and all kinds of events that support and encourage cooking and having dinner together at home. Discover and experience online and offline communal dining, cooking and more.
  • Mad:landet/Food:farms: This track is an invitation to get Copenhageners to visit the farmers and manufacturers that supply the city with great produce. It can be trips to farms, helping out with harvesting, celebrations of this years harvest and more.
  • Mad:havet/Food:oceans: This is where events that sheds a light to everything under water take place. Food:oceans aims at creating a greater interest for and knowledge about the underexposed wonders and resources of the sea. Go on a fishing trip, visit a fish auction or try picking seaweed.

Who takes part in Madland?

Madland is already experiencing great support from operators from all parts of the food system. The list includes among others Staldkøkkenet, Kitchen Collective, Havhøst, Mejeriforeningens Ost & ko, Seerupgaard, Æblerov, Folkets Madhus, Jalm&B, Irma, FoodSHIFT 2030, and Godis Grønt.

Want to know more? 

Press and Communications inquiries 

Louise Taarnhøj, Press and Media Relations
+45 2728 8879 | louise@koalitionkbh.dk  

Partnerships og Programme inquiries 

Jacob Damgaard, Director of The Festival
+45 2290 5025 | jacob@koalitionkbh.dk 


Marie Sainabou Jeng: Founder and CEO
+45 2614 7260 | marie@koalitionkbh.dk